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Interactive Mapping:
The interactive mapping site for Georia Toronto is designed as a demonstration web site. It shows a few examples of the types of data bases created by the project, and provides some ideas of the potential utility of GIS tools for exploring these kinds of data sets. The site also demonstrates live serving of web maps from GIS data, and the use of this technology for data publication and dissemination. Not all of the data sets collected for the project are represented in the web maps. For a current listing of the project data sets see the Database Summary.

Database Summary:
The Database summary shows the organization and content of the data sets. Each data set is linked to a dataset descriptioin page. It is organized according to geographic scale, into groupings of National, Regional, and Urban data. Within each section, subgroupings by region, or city are shown.

Data Description:
Detailed information about each data set is available by clicking on its title in the Database summary. This will link to a web page describing the data set. Also, links to external web sites related to the data will be provided here if applicable.

Use of data - Current and future status:
These data are intended to foster research on historical conditions of health and the environment in Canada. They will be made available for researchers on a case by case basis. Current data will be augmented by the results of future research, and provide an ongoing resource for the research community.
To submit a proposal to download and use data, please fill out the attached form "Proposal to use data." This use is subject to the conditions outlined there - namely, that data will not be distributed further without permission, and that any value-added datasets will be returned to the project for use by future researchers.
The project may also accept contributions of datasets. To contribute a dataset please fill out the attached form: "Offer to contribute dataset."
Disclaimer: These data have been compiled from various sources and data quality varies according to method of compilation. Data checking is the responsibility of the user. Georia disclaims any liability for inapropriate use of data.

For further information about the complete data sets developed for the project,please contact: