Title of Dataset: Historical_Railways_1836_1992
Date of Dataset: 1836 - 1992
Geography covered:  Canada
Nominal Scale:  1:2 000 000
Type of Data:  Vector
Geographic Referencing: Geographic coordinate system: GCS_Clarke_1866
Map Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Format: ESRI shape file
Formal Metadata:  Not yet available.
Description of Dataset: Railways from the National Atlas of Canada 1:2 000 000 data set coded by year of construction.
Creator of Dataset: GEORIA Toronto
Method of Creation: Original National Atlas data set linework split and coded according to year of construction and ownership. Work done for Historical Atlas of Canada project.
Status: Complete
Date of Completion/Revision: 30/08/2004
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Historical Railways 1836 - 1992, Historical Atlas of Canada
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Historical Atlas of Canada
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